What is the Freedom Caravan?

The Cascadia Freedom Caravan is being organized by a coalition of community activists from the Pacific North West to bring local activists to the US Social Forum. The format of the caravan is encourage by USSF as a way for local activists to link up with each other and make it to the gathering together.

Our goal is to foment discussion and interaction amongst local community leaders and organizations interested in the values of the gathering and to facilitate interaction amongst ourselves before, during and after the trip, to maximize the value of the experience. We plan on having meet and greets before we go, to stop at strategic points between here and San Jose to share our work in Cascadia with people along the way, and to collectively document the experience.

What is the US Social Forum?

The USSF is a convergence of social movements and organizations from the across the US, coming together in an effort to share local experiences and ideas in the context of a national and international conversation about the future of our country and society geared towards taking action.

Who is organizing it?

A coalition of community activists from the Pacific NW are organizing the Caravan.

When is the Caravan leaving?

The buses will be leaving on June 23rd and returning on June 29th.

Where will we stay in San Jose?

An approximate budget and options to secure lodging can be found at the USSF website. http://www.ussfsanjose.com/

How is this being paid for?

It will cost approximately $80/person for transportation to and from the event. The USSF is additional. Participants will be asked to cover their part of the event through individual donations, personal fundraising, or collective fundraising done by the group. It is all sliding scale, so no-one will be turned away for lack of funds if you have the heart and time.

How can I get involved?

Come! Fill out this online interest form and come to our potlucks and work parties to get to know people. Applications are accepted through June.

Donate! Send donations by credit or debit card. Fundraise! Send a letter to your family and friends to raise money, link in with group fundraising.

Organize! Help us make this happen. Sign up to volunteer at different fundraising events or contact bruce@mediaisland.org for more information.

1 Response to FAQ’s

  1. michael says:

    Is it possible to travel with the caravan one-way to Detroit, paying less than the suggested $300?

    This sounds like a wonderfully uplifting opportunity.


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