Cascadia is the idea that revolutionaries, alive today, will tear down the false political walls of state and national borderlines and unite a bio-region under a Blue Green Union Flag. That’s one of the many reasons why we are joining the pilgrimage of change agents and converging on San Jose, CA, for the US Social Forum!

It’s a long road to peace through justice as many folks in Cascadia are well aware. We’re gonna get there someday but we’re definitely gonna get to San Jose by June 24th and we want those with the heart and the time to jump on board the bus for a journey you won’t soon forget.

The US Social Forum is 5 days of workshops and trainings that is aimed at building cross movement alliances. It’s open for anyone to propose a workshop so we’re hoping folks in Cascadia will share their stories of organizing for liberty, equality and solidarity.

In 2010 the Cascadia Freedom Caravan was born to take folks to the US Social Forum in Detroit. Now it’s 2015 and it’s back for the US Social Forum in San Jose. It’s hard to predict the future but when we thread together the different paths of struggle along the blight of interstate highways by caravanning to share our stories, listen to the stories of our friends and weave together new forces for radical struggle.

Empires don’t fall, they’re torn down and it’s going to take a nonviolent revolutionary working class rainbow coalition of Latinos, Blacks, First Nations, Whites and all the wonderful rest led by women and youth to get it done.