Break Free 2016 Caravan from Eugene to Anacortes, WA!

Cascadia is converging in direct action protests against the Shell and Tesoro refineries near Anacortes. We expect hundreds to risk arrest and thousands there as supporters. Cascadia Freedom Caravan begins in Eugene and goes to Anacortes for May 13-15th. Please sign up to go here. There is a cost to ride the bus, sliding scale $20-60 and additional vehicles may feel free to caravan with us.

World leaders say we have to stay below 1.5°C of warming to avoid radical climate destabilization. No current policies keep us anywhere near this goal, and the fossil fuel industry wants to build vast new infrastructure, partly in response to the end of the crude export ban: they want to send both jobs and climate chaos overseas.

But it’s not too late. The Northwest can lead a just transition to 100% renewable energy safeguarding workers and our climate. We cannot delay, we must begin the conversation now.

The Shell and Tesoro refineries near Anacortes, WA are the largest unaddressed source of carbon pollution in the Northwest, refine 47% of all the gas and diesel used in the region, and are proposing new oil-train and export facilities; they are a prime example of the system that must change—within years, not decades.

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